SEO and content writing

SEO and content writing

Why choose Limonza for search engine optimization and content writing? We at Limonza focus on optimizing your website using professional contents to rank your website in top search results. Our professional content writers write the content to target your customers using related content. The content does not need to include all about your product or service but also focuses on whatever industry the customer is in. Our limonza team uses original content by doing thorough keyword research and we also use blog tags to tag some of the keywords.

We at Limonza in terms of SEO writing, we focus on creating content with specific keywords or phrases to help search engine to rank the client’s webpage. When selecting a keyword our team always look into whether the keyword selected has a high search volume and low competition. At Limonza we do not just focus on the content and keywords, we also focus on site SEO techniques such as using internal links, meta tags, snippets, domain name optimization and Off-site SEO techniques such as backlinks. Backlinks are the most important factor in determining the site’s engine ranking and popularity. Limonza is committed to use search engine optimization to make your web pages more attractive and to increase the site traffic.


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